Giant Urban Toys: Bureau Spectacular

Project Team: Jimenez Lai, Joanna Grant, Felipe Oropeza

May 2013

Role: Project Manager/Lead Designer


These architectural toys can loosely be defined as furniture insomuch as rather than a space itself, different from architecture, it is an object which occupies a space, or takes up space. These objects are not quite architecture (some are the sizes of furniture, but some are the size of a small building.) The objects lack typological and programmatic references. Each area of intervention seeks to create an environment in which limitless possibilities are presented through the form of an autonomous object. We have nicknamed these objects “toys” because it creates a new relationship with the community because of its lack of assigned program or value and it entirely dependent on the interpretation and deployment. Although certain architectural conditions are present within each object and they lend themselves to some types of deployments (for example, the sunken pits of characters and the mountainous figure toy have different physical conditions) the toys in general do not assert themselves programmatically, but provide a range of conditions in which they can be engaged on different levels. They represent basic architectural conditions before program and typology enter the equation.