Crown of Love: Bureau Spectacular

Project Team: Jimenez Lai, Joanna Grant, Felipe Oropeza, Frank Gossage, Jason Mould, Jesus Corral

March 2013

Role: Project Designer


Crown of Love is an ode about the personas of architecture, wandering in the forest. This is a collection of archi-character clustered into a singular mass. Individually, each character takes non-exact abstract figurations to ambiguously suggest distinct personas. Collectively, the characters bundle into a pile to produce a castle of misfits. Following the examples by John Hejduk as well as Brodsky and Utkin, this project can be considered a folly, with progressions of stories to tell. Functionally, the decks have differences of heights between characters. This is an advantage, as it creates interesting viewing opportunities for visitors to engage one another on various levels of platforms. As a work that revisits Le Corbusier’s five points of architecture and a relationship with the ground, we want to take a closer look at human’s perception of nature versus artificiality.


For the interior spaces, we have some scenarios in mind. Inside our structure we have high ceilings, and these spaces can be quite lovely for gatherings and dinners. Or, perhaps even other types of social events ranging from classrooms to performances. The additional floors on the interior also have small windows to allow views, let in light, and make faces for the archi-characters on the façade.For the exterior, we focused on the scaling of claddings and propose five distinct grains of wood to produce very subtle differences between parts on the façade. The scale of wood on the exterior is slightly larger than the interior, allowing the yet sublet façade treatment to remain legible.