Flipping Properties: Bureau Spectacular

Project Team: Jimenez Lai, David Mulder, Frank Gossage, Joanna Grant, Felipe Oropeza, Jacob Comerci, Kevin Pazik

May2013 - July 2014

Special Thanks: Rearview Projects (Jennifer Davis & Su-Ying Lee), Eliot Callahan & supporting team, and all others who made this project possible with their tireless efforts.

Role: Project Designer


Flipping Properties was commissioned by Rear View (Projects) for an unconventional exhibition platform – a laneway in Toronto’s Little Portugal neighbourhood. The project is a continuation of an ongoing study of super-furnitures by Lai, an architect, and the team of Bureau Spectacular. The installation takes the familiar house icon, the pentagon, as its formal starting point. Lai denatures this symbol of domesticity, converting it into super-furniture which is ‘too big to be furniture and too small to be architecture.’ This intervention in Toronto’s urban fabric provokes us to reconsider the potential uses for overlooked spaces in the city and question typical modes of interaction between art, place and audiences.