Township of Domestic Parts: Bureau Spectacular

Project Team: Jimenez Lai, Joanna Grant

July 2013 - Nov 2014

Role: Project Designer


We reviewed the contemporary trophy and discovered a few recurring typologies: the Vase, the Statue, and the Post-Lintel structures that resemble architecture. What is consistent between all three is the readability of the body figure, as well as the possibility to divide the figure into three vertically stacked parts. We felt that the tripartite quality extends this reading into both columns and skyscrapers. This is a historical way to abstract the body, and a trophy for an award in the cultural excellence of the humanities should be a thoughtful abstraction. In our design, the abstraction of nine separate figures is compacted into a dense skyline of bodies. In plan, we can read fluid sets of lines that acknowledge yet knowingly violate the measurable grid. In elevation, on the other hand, we can read the elongated fluid bodies (or vases) aggregated to appear like an architectural model of a small city.