Little Dreams (film)

(with Matthew Schneider)

Princeton University: Michael Meredith

Fall 2013


Little Dreams mines the worlds that exist in our sleepy subconscious, the snippets of fantasy that slip away as soon as we wake up. These spaces are stitched together as a stream-of-consciousness narrative, each space a combination of dreams that we have stolen from various people. Since we have no way of assembling a coherent architectural entity from such divergent fantasies, we choose to represent them each as an interior space that splice together (poorly) into a sequence or promenade. Special thanks to the unwilling participants whose thoughts were annexed and appropriated.


03 - Joanna’s Phobia of Beards & Rough Textures

05 - Melissa’s Autodelusion of Normalcy and Convention

07 - Abby’s Closet Hoarding & Disorder Fantasy

08 - Gabe’s Pathological Blushing

10 - Matt’s Chromophobic Phantasm


(In no order of appearance)