The Object of His Affection

Princeton University: Andrés Jaque

Spring 2015


What is affection? The mutual feeling of warmth between a man and a….cast silicon woman. The expensive ladies are the objects of affection for many men. Why silicon and not flesh? These lovely dolls start their lives with their boyfriends as objects of sexual desire and pleasure. But what happens when an “it” becomes a she? The dolls gain names, background narratives, and complex human relationships which are mediated through architecture. How does one cloth a 100 lb doll? Have sex with her? Tell friends and family about her?


The sex dolls are within a complex reality of the production of images and objects. While the sex dolls are based on fantasy, the production of fantasy happens on the set of the pornography industry. Certain architectural qualities can be identified in suburban pornography, and particular lifestyles are stereotyped. The film begets the sex doll, which calls for a particular kind of urbanism and architectural device dramatically different than that of the typical suburban domestic sphere.


What is a new interpretation of lifestyle and architecture based off of a different value set than that which built suburban America?