Tiny Tower

Princeton University: Michael Meredith

Fall 2014


A project for Princeton University.


Princeton University is a treasure trove of architectural icons. A library by Frank Gehry, a Gwathmey and Siegel building, a dormitory by I.M. Pei, Michael Graves, Benjamin Latrobe, Rafael Viñoly, Venturi Scott Brown and Associates, and many other notable architects. Most recently, Princeton Station’s new convenience store, Wawa, is in a building designed by Rick Joy Architects. With an abundance of architectural icons, what more does this prestigious university need which could add further value? Tiny Tower proposes to inject a façade of banality into the elegant Gothic campus. With the proportions of a typical office tower and common materials, the exterior is utterly uninteresting and therefore invisible, as a common office park typology. As one of the least interesting architectural icons on campus, the students utilizing the space will have privacy from the proliferation of tourists that visit the campus in search of noble collegiate architecture. The architectural anti-icon will be appropriately scaled to suite the academic campus at exactly 35’ tall.


The tower is an introvert, with its architectural exuberance existing as exaggerated architectural decorations, which can be appreciated by all. To compensate for the utter boredom of the exterior, the interior is stuffed with objects and trinkets, like a cabinet of curiosities.